Winters mean holidays, vacations and impromptu road trips. The glorious weather and the holiday spirit are the perfect boosters for inculcating the travelling bug into the hearts of people. For those of you who are caught up in the hectic maelstrom of a busy work life, relaxing weekend getaways are the ideal stress busters. We bring to you a list of travel essentials that you must carry to make your weekend getaways a fruitful break!



The easy-to-carry bag

You need to have the perfect carry-all for your impromptu trips and short vacations. Choose a bag that’s not bulky, but spacious; lightweight and easy to carry around. Duffel bags are ideal as they can pack in all your essentials to last you the weekend. You can go for backpacks too as they keep your hands free and have space to carry your clothes, accessories, toiletries and other essentials.



Multi-tasking clothes

Pack a selection of clothes that can mixed and matched to make different outfits. A good pair of denims can see you through the trip as you can wear it with different tees or shirts. The same tees can also be worn with a chic maxi skirt or a pair of cargo shorts for a relaxed holiday look. Take accessories like scarves and caps that can jazz up the various outfits, lending them new looks even if you are repeating the clothes.



Travel-sized toiletries

Your personal cosmetics & toiletries are travel essentials that can’t be left behind. Invest in travel-sized versions of your favourite lotions, creams, shaving foams or oils and keep them ready in a well-packed travel kit which you can just chuck into your bag before hitting the road!



Comfortable shoes

Vacations mean a whole lot of walking, running around or even, at times, trekking & hiking. All these physical activities call for comfortable footwear so that your feet stay happy and fit at the end of the trip. Running shoes or floaters are great choices for an active holiday. Sneakers in various colours and prints serve the dual purpose of comfort and style with effortless ease!

Emergency medicines

Forgetting to pack emergency medicines is a travel faux pas that you can’t afford to make. Medicines are must-haves in your travel bag – make a list of all the necessary medicines for all your family members beforehand and keep them packed and ready in an emergency box for taking with you on your trip.

Personal must-haves

Everybody has a few personal items that they can’t live without. For some of you, it’s your favourite gadgets such as i-pads or smartphones; while for others it may be books or personal journals or even a camera. Make sure these things go into your packing so that you can spend a happy holiday doing the things you love!

Pack in these essentials and embark on that unplanned road trip next weekend, you’ll thank us later for the much-needed break and come back to work with renewed zeal!




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