In today’s fast-paced life, you are always running about. And many a times, this running takes you from city to city and country to country. Be it work, visits to family, impromptu plans with friends or even solo trips; travel consists of a large part of your life. So, having the right kind of travel luggage is very necessary, as these are the accessories that become your BFF for the time you spend away from home. Follow our tips and get yourself the perfect luggage that can make even living out of a suitcase, worth it!

Jansport backpack

Backpacks to the rescue

If you are a smart traveller, then backpacks are must-have accessories in your wardrobe. These bags are easy to carry, helps keep our hands free, packs in the whole world and are stylish too! Carry a bigger one while journeying as you can easily pack in everything from your laptop to clothes to toiletries in it effortlessly. Day trips and sightseeing tours call for a smaller backpack that can hold your scarf, medicines, water bottle, wallet, keys, camera, power bank, sunscreen and other essentials easily enough. The bonus point? These bags look equally chic with dresses as with shirts & denims or tees & shorts.

Tommy Hilfiger duffel bag

Do the duffle

A duffle bag can be an apt choice of luggage for short trips or weekend getaways. These cylindrical bags are lightweight, easy to carry and have enough space for holding your clothes, accessories and travel essentials. You can pack in a few days’ commodities comfortably in the roomy depths of the seemingly small bag with ease. Choose from various shapes and colours and carry your stuff in style during the next impromptu road trip! What’s more, when not travelling, you can use your duffel bag as your gym bag! Who knew luggage could be versatile too!

Tommy Hilfiger suitcase

Suitcases that suit you

Nowadays, a traveller is spoilt for choice when it comes to suitcases. From different shapes to fashionable styles to exciting features to stylish designs – you can choose from a wide variety. While choosing; keep in mind the size, easiness of movement, durability, ease of maintenance and your budget, of course. The plastic suitcases are lightweight but might get bumped or scratched easily. The cloth ones have a weight of their own, but are durable, sturdy and roomy. The leather ones are classy and tough, but high maintenance. Also, it is easier to move the four-wheeled suitcases than the two-wheeled ones. If using light colours, make sure you maintain them well and handle them carefully.

Trust the trolley bags

When suitcases started getting wheels, bags followed suit soon. Who would want to lug around a big bag when he or she could easily wheel it away? Trolley bags, thus, came as an answer to a traveller’s prayers. These bags are spacious, convenient to handle, fits in easily anywhere and can be wheeled around freely. Mostly made of easy to maintain materials, this type of bags are durable and tough. Perfect for holidays with friends or work trips, trolley bags carry around your world safely in their wheeled confines, thus making journeys effortless for you.

Now that you know which kinds of luggage can become your travel-time BFFs, go ahead and plan your next holiday without a worry! Bon voyage!



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