It’s Halloween week and we can’t keep calm! It’s time to get serious about being spooky with your style!

Here are our favorite Hallowe’en outfits and make-up ideas to look eerie and ghostly.

Hallowe’en outfits and makeup ideas

Paint the town in supernatural colours.

‘Trick O’Chic’ outfit

Isn’t it the cheesiest ‘Trick O’Chic’ outfit ever?

FAME FOREVER Checked Rolled-Up Sleeves Tunic

Or try out something goth yet classy?

CODE Floral Print Maxi Dress

And keep a pumpkin spiced piece of floral outfit handy, just in case!

RAW HIDE Shimmery Print Zip-Closure Cowboy Boots

And a pair of styled black boots will just be like a cherry on the Halloween top!

We’re celebrating the season of scare at Lifestyle with the new ‘Trick O’Chic’ collection. Stay chic and glamorous on this Ghostly festival.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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