The festivities bring a lot of parties and occasions to get dressed and shapewear is the perfect solution to flatten out the flab for a smoother silhouette. They can completely transform the overall look and uplift your confidence:

1. Flatten out the love handles

These versatile shaping briefs tone your entire abdomen and give a natural contour to your body. It perfectly tones your hips and gives your body the right shape without even hitting the gym.

2. Look slimmer

This corset-style shapewear is crafted to give you that waist definition you always wanted and instantly reduces up to two inches. Wear this shapewear underneath body-hugging silhouettes for a sleek and slim look.

3. Helps in back and pelvic support

Apart from taking inches off, shapewear also provides extra support to your back and abdominal muscles, thereby giving you more comfort and range of movement. The elastic nature of shapewear compresses the waist region helping to correct your back posture. Women in the post-pregnancy phase also love shapewear as it gives them their confidence back and provides additional support to the pelvic muscles.

While there are numerous benefits to shapewear, the confidence it brings back to women stands out. Triumph’s collection of shapewear comes in the various styles and shapes to suit any woman’s body!

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