We all have love-hate relationships with the gym. At the beginning of each year, we swear to be a regular there, and by the next couple of months, we need excuses to drag ourselves to the place. But, there are also a lot of you out there who love their gyms, and can’t wait to spend a couple of hours a day there! So, there are all kinds of people out there one can see at any gym, and it’s a dedicated mix of enthusiasts, struggling weight-watchers, amateurs and experts!! Here are a few types of people you meet at the gym – and even though they all are different in personality, their choice of activewear might just be the same! Because sessions at the gym always mean flaunting trendy work-out clothes by Kappa!

The Noise-Maker

He’ll sound like he’s lifting a 10kg weight, when he might just be lifting 2kgs in reality! This guy likes to make his presence felt through grunts, groans, squeals and cries. The more efforts he puts in his work-out, the louder the sounds get! If you are gym neighbour to one of them, then your work-out session will have an all-time background score!

The Lovebirds

They are soulmates, so why not be gym mates together? This cute couple motivates each other to hit the gym every day, and spending some more time with each other is one of their main reasons for gymming. Their exercise routines are co-ordinated, and so are their clothes! Thank God Kappa gives both of them enough trendy active-wear options to choose from, for twinning at the gym every day!

The Clueless King

From what kind of body he aims to attain to which gym package would suit him best – he has innumerable questions (and no answers) about everything. He’s forever confused about what to do, and keeps asking for everyone’s opinion, though who’s one he follows at the end is another mystery in itself! You might be fed up of his unending barrage of questions, so pop on those headphones as soon as you see him or her approaching!


The Toned But Tone Deaf

This kind doesn’t come to the gym without their headphones, and if you are unlucky enough to be exercising near to one, you’ll need yours too! They’ll put on those fancy headphones and turn on the volume high inside their heads, accompanying it with high vocals which are audible to the rest of the gym. You have to hear the latest chartbusters in his or her high-pitched voice while they enjoy the original musical versions through their own headphones!

The Gym God

Every gym has at least one of this kind – generally a guy with the perfect muscles & six-pack abs, whom the others look up to in awe. Of course, he’s always dressed in the trendiest of gym-wear by Kappa! Everyone wants to attract his attention or talk to him on the flimsiest of excuses. They go to him for tips on working out, eating healthy, dressing well, hobby ideas and just about anything under the sun! If he as much as nods his head at anybody at the gym, their day is made! Do you know who your gym God is?

The Show-Off

They live their life on Instagram Stories and not a moment in their day goes by without being documented on social media. Needless to say, their time at the gym has to be shared with their audience – from the gym playlist they have on their iPod to the kind of exercise they are indulging in to the super-cool gym clothes from Kappa they are sporting! Even if they hurt a ligament on one of the work-out routines, you’ll be the first one to know about it if you follow them on social media!

The Know-It-All

Of course, there’s always one of them at any gym. If you make the tiniest of mistake in your exercise, they’ll be the first to point it out. They are forever-ready to show you how things are done, and have their unsolicited advice ready for all and sundry! Whether you want it or not, they might pop up near you anytime to give you a lecture on what’s good for you, so beware!

These people are actually the heart and soul of every gym, and they are the ones that make working out a bit more fun! So, next time you hit the gym, do try figuring out who falls under which category. But whichever category they might fall in, you will notice that they all look their gym-time best in ultra-stylish activewear clothes & accessories from Kappa, available at all Lifestyle stores and online!

Also, don’t forget to check out a fun video on these gym stereotypes here!


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