Just like with finding the perfect bra for the right fit and feel, finding the right pair of underwear will keep you comfortable through the day and will look flattering too. These are the must-have underwear styles by Triumph:

1. Hipster panties

Hipster panties sit right on the hip and that’s where the name comes from. Since they sit lower on the body than other panties, they’re an ideal choice when wearing low-hip jeans or shorts.

2. Bikini panties

These panties also sit on or below the hip. The leg holes sit higher and provide a little less coverage than hipster panties do. They are perfect to wear with low-rise pants or denims and skirts.

3. Maxi briefs

The best part of these panties is the extra coverage you get around your waist and stomach. They help in smoothening your silhouette which makes it perfect for wearing with pencil skirts, tight dresses or trousers.

4. Elasticated panties

As the name suggests, these panties are made with a super-stretchy elastic waistband for added comfort. The material doesn’t dig into your skin and will not show through your clothing.

5. Shaping briefs

Made like regular briefs but with the added benefits of shapewear, these panties sit high on the waist and cover most of your abdomen. They instantly give you slimmer curves, a smoother silhouette and even some posture support. They fit snugly against your skin and are invisible under tight-fitting clothes.

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