Meet the unbelievably funny man of the hour, Vir Das.

1.What is the Bossini Be Happy Unbelievablish tour about?
It’s my latest comedy special. I speak about some bizarre experiences I’ve had and hopefully get some laughs out of it. The audience obviously can choose to believe them or call them out as lies.

2. We see that if the audience guesses correctly, they get a refund on their ticket. Have the good folk of the cities you’ve performed at been spotting your lies? Or are have you been outsmarting them?
The audience has been great in every city I’ve performed and it’s an unbelievable feeling. Nobody’s guessed correctly so far though.

3. Share with us the biggest lie you’ve gotten away with so far (in real life).
Haha, I don’t want to upset my mother so I’d rather not say.

4. What is one thing you should NEVER lie about?
Having herpes.

5. Any tips on how to spot a liar?
Nobody is really ‘just 5 minutes away’. That’s your sign.

6. What is the most outrageous thing/story/conspiracy theory you believe to be absolutely true? .
That we went to the moon.

7. You’re looking dapper as usual. Who dressed you for your shows/what has the association with Bossini been like?
Bossini is a brand that understands casual wear to a great extent. I want my audience to relax and have a good time at my show and a brand that really understands that vibe is Bossini.

8. Bossini’s mantra is Be Happy and you look like you could be one of the happiest person on earth. Any insights into how we could be too?
Keep yourself busy doing what you love. You won’t find time to be anything but happy. Surround yourself with happy, supportive, funny people, they’ll help when things don’t look so happy.

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