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Underwire Bras: Facts And Myths You Must Know


The biggest myth is that underwire bras are bound to be uncomfortable and best avoided. The fact is quite the opposite. Read on to know more about this must-have piece of lingerie…

In an underwired bra, a sturdy metal wire sits beneath your bust-line to lift and support your breasts.

For all shapes: Generally, it is thought that underwire bras are best for women who are relatively heavy busted. Sure, if you are big busted these are your go-to inner-wear. However, women with small breasts enjoy a boosted lift from underwire bras too. Perfect to look your best in that fitted dress.


Factors for discomfort: Underwire bras are often thought to be universally uncomfortable, but in fact, they are very comfortable – provided you are wearing the correct size and style for your body. It’s critical that you calculate your bra size periodically.

Customised for you: Underwire bras come further customised to suit your choice of ensemble and personal style better. Triumph, for instance has a variety: push up bras that are designed with seamless push-up cups and underwire detail; t-shirt underwire bras with a seamless finish and padded underwire bras to add more volume to your figure.

T-shirt underwire bra
TRIUMPH Underwired Push-Up Bra
Push-up underwire bra
TRIUMPH Solid Padded Underwired Bra
Padded underwire bra

The final word on your lingerie wardrobe: Get your size right and choose a variety that suits and complements both your shape and choice of ensemble.

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