Winter is here and we’re soon to get bored of beiges, navy blues and greys. Yes, a pop of color is always a good way to turn around the gloomy weather… But an unexpected mishmash off the color wheel is sure to brighten up your feed, your day and your winter!

So, click away without any filters in these startling color combinations!

1. Rust and olive

Warm and very autumn, this color grouping in winter is a welcome surprise. Close to Christmas and yet with a touch of Halloween, this looks great in pictures. Try out a rust sweater with olive pants and pose outdoors with a monkey cap and boots! Picture Perfect.

2. Sky blue and pale yellow

A clash of vibrant pastels, this is a blend of everything bright and beautiful. These summery colors in winter jackets are a dash of surprise. A great add on to your party look, or the coolest date night picture.

3. Mustard power

Let’s just call this the color of Winter 2019! It’s warm, comfy, bright and sassy, and we absolutely love this color. An oversized hoodie or a cute little sweater in mustard will rev up your winter feed with a warm twist.

4. Sea green and pastels

Sea greens, whether in pants or jackets or jumpers, look absolutely fabulous with soft pastels. A coral pair of joggers or a yellow sweater to clash on to this beautiful color is all you need to enliven your winter Instagram feed.

Click away in unexpected colors and make your own winter palette. Break some mundane rules and cheer up the season!

Happy Winter Instagramming!

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