Love is in the air and there’s no better way to tell that person in your life how special they are than to shower them with lots of love on the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Here are a few things you can do to start off the week.

Small gestures

Even the smallest of gestures can show your loved one how much you care. A handwritten note hidden in their book or under their laptop for them to find will leave a smile on their face. Cook their favourite meal for them, do the chores they hate the most, stock the fridge with their favourite desserts or give your partner a foot massage after a long day’s work.

Festive table setting for Valentines Day on table background

Something new

Try something new with your partner – something neither of you have done before! It could be something outdoorsy like going paragliding or bungee jumping together or even enrol in a course together like rock climbing, yoga and more. For a more intimate date, you could recreate one of your most romantic dates at home – cook up a storm, have a candlelit dinner, do a movie marathon of your favourite rom-coms, lie down under the stars and talk.

young couple watching sunset on the beach

Chocolates & flowers

What’s Valentine’s Day without roses and her favourite chocolates? Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to splurge a little on your loved one. Buy them a bouquet of roses – each colour has a unique meaning, get a box of chocolates or a teddy bear that says ‘I Love You’. You could also get them a gift like jewellery or a signature fragrance that they would love.

Heart shape chocolate candies

expressing your love

Teddy Bear and flowers

On the day

Whether you’ve been with your partner for years or just a little while, there’s nothing more romantic than spending time together on Valentine’s Day and expressing your love for each other. Depending on your interests, find something thoughtful and sweet that both of you will love and enjoy as much. This could be going to fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner, going for a wine and chocolate tasting, writing love letters to each other or going for a weekend getaway.

Female hands heart shape on nature bokeh sun light flare wave and blur tropical sunset beach abstract background. Copy space of happy love travel and freedom in nature concept. Vintage tone color style.

The value of being together cannot be understated. Every little thing you do makes the day that much more special, so you don’t always have to bank on doing something grand, just find something to express your love the way you want to.

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