Kids may not like going to school or eating healthy food, but they surely like to eat, play & laugh in their favourite denim clothes. Be it autumn or winter or summer, kids are forever happy to don denim outfits and you are happy to dress your children in stylish, yet sturdy denim pieces. Irrespective of the gender, this material and texture looks good on all and both boys and girls can pull it off spot on. This season, along with the adults, even the kids can don the denim trend and be joyful in jeans wherever they go!

Kids denim trend

Denim dudes

The double denim look is the classiest and smartest look for the boys as well, featuring his favourite denim staples. Give him a classic pair of denim trousers – be it slim fit or straight cut – and layer it up with a button down cotton shirt and a waist length denim jacket on top. Leave the shirt un-tucked for a more playful touch or tuck it in for a crisper look. Contrasting your denim separates with different textures or shades take your kid a notch higher on the style scale. Along with a backpack and a pair of converse, he is now all set to go rule the world!

Denim on denim

Want to get over the skinny jeans phase and try something new for your daughter? Well your prayers are answered as boyfriend jeans are in town and they are here to stay. It’s modified for the better and is much like a typical straight leg jeans but ending above the ankle in a rolled cuff. This trend is the perfect head-turner when paired with a staple denim collared shirt. This denim on denim look is super fun and can be sported by pairing denims with different textures – be it vintage faded or acid washed or the classic originals. These denims can also be worn with sweatshirts or long sleeved tees or mono colour shirts and paired with classic sneakers on the feet, your girl’s style points will be way ahead than her age.

Fame Kids denim trend

Dolled up in denim

To flaunt the denim trend, the little fashionistas have a lot of options to choose from, one of the most popular being denim overalls. Team up a denim overall with a half sleeved t-shirt under it and a pair of floaters on the feet. The denim dungaree may be in solid shades of denim or acid washed or the quirky printed ones. This is a perfect outfit for an afternoon at the park. Denim in the form of cute shirt dresses are also a boon to little girls as they look adorable when dressed in these and accessorised with a thin belt at the waist to give it a more fitting shape. Complete it with a pair of socks and ballerinas and your pretty darling is ready to conquer hearts.

Do the denim

Your naughty little sons are not anywhere behind in rocking this trend as denim combinations for them are endless as well. Want to add a dash of punk-vibe to his outfit? Just go for a pair of distressed denims and team it up with a graphic tee and a jacket in denim or leather. Finish it with high top sneakers and he’ll be the stud of the class in no time! You can also choose the go-to staple i.e. the chambray shirt and pair it up with a black jeans for a laidback, cool-dude look. Rolled cuffs are in trend for the guys too as mom’s no longer have to worry about altering the long length and can just simply fold them up for a style update.

So you see, kids fashion nowadays is nothing less than adult fashion. It has got loads of opportunities and room to alter and change the predictable outfit ideas and think out of the box. So update your kid’s wardrobe this season with some cool denim pieces and amp up the style quotient of these future trendsetters!




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