If you’re reading this you’re probably planning a super fun road trip or maybe you’ve just stumbled upon this article by accident and are going to stick around to see what this is all about.

road trip essentials

When work is driving you crazy all you probably want to do is pack your bags and escape the city for a few days. Just enough to get some fresh air and recharge for the next few months.

Now if you’re bitten by the road-trip bug like us, you will need this list of absolute essentials.
How did we come up with this list?
… A whole lots of misadventures, that’s how!

A 10-POINT checklist for your next road trip:

1. Portable Cooler

This is the best investment you will make if you haven’t already. It’s the most efficient thing to store your drinks, and water.

2. Blankets & Pillows

We cannot emphasize how important this is. Take your favourite cushions and pillows, not only can you snooze comfortably in the car but it will be useful at your end destination as well.

3. Extra cash for tolls and emergencies

Just when you think you have enough money, an emergency comes up and you’re short on cash. So carry more than you need and you won’t be scouting for an ATM in a remote area.

4. Pre-designed playlist

A well-planned playlist for your road trip is way more important than you think. After the first few hours of your trip, silence might kick in and music and audiobooks help keep the driver attentive and the passengers entertained.

5. GPS Navigator

Instead of relying on your phones to navigate and then going through the drama of keeping your phone on-charge constantly since charge just won’t hold. Use a portable navigator!
You can pre-set your route on the navigator the night before so that you don’t waste time in the morning.

6. Lots of food

Road-trip snacking is the best. You can stock up on all your favourite junk food, plus a few sandwiches, and mint. Don’t forget the tissues though, there are bound to spills in the car.

7. Breakdown kit

This should probably be higher up in the list but we like food more. (hehe)

Your car should have all the tools to take care of a breakdown if it happens, and throw in a flashlight as well if you haven’t already.

8. Car documents

We debated whether this point was even worth mentioning since this is like a default thing everyone should be doing. If you’re not, well then… you know what to do.
You just have to be prepared for anything!

9. USB Charger

Imagine being stranded or lost and your phones have run out of juice. Sounds like an opening to a bad movie, right?

10. Motion sickness remedies

If not for you then there are bound to be other people in your car who get a little sick. Ask them what their motion-sickness remedies are and pack it up.

Send us a selfie from your next road-trip?

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