Home Women What are you wearing to work this winter?

What are you wearing to work this winter?


We’re majorly running after these three styles that we know will last all winter!

No. 1 – Polka dots

They’re back and they’re killing it just like before. Polka dots always lend a classic chic look that perfectly peps up your mood and makes for a gorgeous formal look.

No. 2 – Contrasting Monochromes

Wear something white with something black, they say… but how? We say put in contrasts as the final addition to your style. We’re in love with a black overcoat, matched with white heels at the moment!

No. 3 – Jumpsuits

They’ve been in trend for long enough now for you to start wearing them! They’re chic and funky at the same time and can bring out a vibrant, jovial mood to your workplace any day.

We’d love some olive, navy blue, mustard and hot pinks this season… what about you?

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