The new year brings new trends, even in the world of kids’ fashion. While adults love to dress very comfortably, why should the kids settle for anything less? The new collection at Lifestyle Stores painted with the season’s best prints and hues is everything your little one has been missing. Here’s an exclusive look at the kids’ fashion trends 2022…

T-Shirts and Tops

If you’ve been looking for the latest kids’ fashion ideas to style your kiddo, look no further. T-shirts in bright or pastel colours are a great way to make your child’s outfit stand out. A combination of candy pastel shades is one way to style these beauties. You can even pair them with denims for both boys and girls. Besides the colour, the brand new t-shirts & tops at Lifestyle Stores also feature a variety of embellishments and prints that are enough to catch your eye.

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Co-ord Sets

It can be challenging to get your kids dressed when the options are just too many. Perhaps a mix and match are even harder. That’s why Lifestyle Stores makes it easier with co-ord sets. These already paired pieces of clothing save you a ton of time and are something that will always stay in trend, whether it’s for your baby girl or baby boy.


Comfy, cool, and cosy – they’ll want to wear them outside in summer and inside in winter. A pair of shorts is always a good idea especially since children will always value comfort over everything else. Pick up a pair of printed or striped shorts for your younger one and watch them love what they wear.


Whether it’s adult fashion trends or new fashion for kids, you can confidently know that jeans will always make the cut. They’re so versatile and can be paired with the different types of tops and tees in your younger one’s wardrobe. Look out for some of the top styles like relaxed fits, embroidery, patched pockets and more. Dress your kids in a pair of jeans and a band tee inspired from the ‘80s to show off that rockstar vibe!


Easy and breezy, dresses are a must for your baby girl. They’re designed in a myriad of prints, colours, and styles – perfect for all moods and occasions. Whether it’s a picnic at the park, a celebratory day at school, or a trip somewhere, dresses are a comfortable choice.


Want your little boy to look like a smart young man? Dress him like one. Button-ups and collared shirts in delicious pastels are often the top choices. You can also experiment with darker shades and team these with a pair of jeans or shorts, whatever floats your baby’s boat. And if they’ve got somewhere important to be, pair these with formal trousers and a jacket. Voila!

Leggings and Joggers

Chic bottom wear for kids would include leggings for the girls and joggers for the boys. Pick from a variety of happy prints and hues that are representative of your young one’s free spirit. These are a much comfier alternative to jeans, especially during the warmer months of the year. However, they can transition into your kid’s winter wardrobe with ease. Multipurpose and as fashionable as ever, they’re one of the best picks of the year.

Trousers With Suspenders

Nothing like a pair of suspenders to bring back that ‘90s vibe. In the world of kids’ fashion, suspenders might always be the one piece of clothing that stays constant. After all, who can deny that tiny tots in a pair of suspenders are anything but adorable? Try dressing your little one in trousers with suspenders and a plain t-shirt to rock that old-school vibe.

You can find more of these styles and pieces at Lifestyle Stores. Make sure to especially check out the kidswear collection from Fame Forever and Junior to find your favourites.

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