TikTok has given us countless beauty trends that we’re all trying to keep up with, but perhaps, the easiest one to achieve is the clean girl aesthetic. And it has been trending for quite some time for a good reason. This makeup style that has taken the beauty world by storm has probably become all the more popular because of the pandemic’s rise of minimalist style. So why not continue it, since it makes you look oh-so-beautiful and requires oh-so-little effort. Keep scrolling to know more…

What is aesthetic makeup?

Aesthetic makeup looks are about creating a look that goes with a certain aesthetic. For example, a goth aesthetic would feature a lot of dark eye makeup and lipstick against a very light foundation. Aesthetic makeup has to also match the rest of your style to be considered aesthetic. And lastly, it should be totally Instagrammable!

The clean girl aesthetic has become popular since its rise on TikTok. You can think of it as an extension of the “no makeup” makeup look. It also means using a minimal amount of makeup to achieve a natural look. The base of the clean girl aesthetic makeup look is dewy skin with a little blush, glossed lips, natural brows and highlighted eyes. 

Clean girl aesthetic makeup products to have

If you’re looking for aesthetic makeup ideas, the clean girl aesthetic is a good place to start. The minimal look is easy to recreate and lets you use a handful of products for a stunning finish. Here are some of the aesthetic makeup products you need:

Faces Canada Ultime Pro Peaches N Tinted Moisturizer

Since we’re using a minimal number of products to create the clean girl aesthetic, a two-in-one product like this one from Faces Canada will do the trick. The tinted moisturizer will nourish and hydrate your face while smoothening your skin’s texture and giving it that soft, natural glow. The lightweight formula is suited for all weather types.

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Lakme Sun Expert 50 SPF Tinted Sunscreen

Sun protection is always a must regardless of what aesthetic makeup looks you’re trying out. This is why Lakme’s sunscreen is perfect for the job. It is infused with cucumber, lemongrass, zinc oxide and allantoin to not only shield you from UV rays but also to balance your skin’s natural oils, hydrate and soothe it. The sunscreen is also tinted to give you an even skin tone and texture.

Chambor Orosa Flawless Finish Concealer

To get that perfectly smooth and even skin surface, a little bit of concealer goes a long way. Made with a sponge tip applicator that glides easily across the skin, Chambor’s concealer instantly covers blemishes, dark spots, fine lines and dark circles. The formula is also hydrating, so your skin doesn’t dry out.

SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette

The next step in achieving the clean girl aesthetic makeup look is contouring your face for a more sculpted and defined look. The SUGAR Contour De Force Face Palette has everything you need for this. It includes three shade variants that can be used as highlighter, bronzer and blush. Be careful not to use too much of it if you want to stay true to this aesthetic.

Maybelline New York Brow Define & Blend Brow Pencil

A big part of this look is prominent eyebrows so having a brow pencil in your aesthetic makeup kit is a must! The Define & Blend Brow Pencil from Maybelline New York will define your brows without overdoing it. The defined strokes will fill in any gaps, making them look fuller.

MyGlamm Manish Malhotra Beauty Mascara

This mascara has a creamy texture that glides smoothly over your thickening them in a single stroke. The softening formula is also water-resistant and suitable for sensitive eyes. A few strokes to define your eyes are enough for this minimalist aesthetic eye makeup.

Colorbar Starlit Lip Gloss

The last touch to complete this look is a few swipes of lip gloss. Get glassy-looking lips with Colorbar’s Starlit Lip Gloss to nail the clean girl aesthetic. Enriched with lotus flower extract to soothe your lips, it gives you a velvety lustre.

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anshika garg

As of recently, I really have been into the clean girl aesthetic, and this is the best article for people like me who are just getting started. All the tips were really refreshing and actually useful. Lifestyle always has the best articles!

Agam Seth

I have only recently started using makeup, and I am still very much into the whole clean girl aesthetic. Great article for people like me! The concealer is my absolute favourite and covers all my blemishes and scars really well.