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The Holiday season is coming up, and it’s time to unleash the shopaholic in you! But did you know that there are different kinds of shoppers out there? Some are the know-what-they-want kind, some are the forever-confused kind. Some like to do it fast, some like to take their time. Some enjoy the whole experience, while for some, it’s like a chore. Have you ever thought if your sun sign has anything to do with how you like to shop? Your shopping habits might be what they are, thanks to the day or month of the year you were born on! Read on to know if you are indeed the kind of shopper your zodiac says you to be!

The ARIES shopper

You are an impulsive, but obsessive shopper, for whom shopping is nothing less than a sport, or maybe war. You have to get your hands on the best any store has to offer, and there’s no stopping you during sale season!  Lifestyle is having a surprise mid-season sale till this weekend, so maybe it’s yet another chance to blow up your credit card limit!

The TAURUS shopper

A choosy shopper with a nose for the finest things, you take your time browsing, picking and deciding on things you want to buy. You like taking breaks in between at the café in the mall for some sweet treats. You favorites departments are the fragrance, jewellery and beauty.

The GEMINI shopper

You love to shop, specially with your gang of girls. You want to check out all the stores in the mall, and might end up taking more than the permitted number of clothes to the trial room, because you like everything you see! You give excellent shopping advice to friends, even though sometimes you yourself might end up buying the same pants in 4 different colors.

The CANCER shopper

You step out to shop only when you need something. Generally your wardrobe is always full of clothes that are wrapped in nostalgic values for you, which is why you can never get rid of them. Hence, no place for new shopping! But when you do feel the need to shop, you like to pick something that’s comfy, worth the price and with which you feel an emotional connect.

The LEO shopper

You love shopping at the grandest of places, for the biggest brands and names. Statement pieces are your poison of choice. You like your bling, and you like to show it too! You are one to make heads turn, even while you are on your shopping trips. So, get going, hit the luxury section and flaunt that Platinum Credit card away to glory!

The VIRGO shopper

A stickler for perfection and high quality, you are always seen inspecting your chosen items for any signs of damage or imperfection. When it comes to quality and finish, you want your money’s worth. A frayed stitch or a missing button never misses your eye, and you are demanding discounts for the imperfection straight away. Be it clothes or accessories (or even food), quality and class comes first for you!

The LIBRA shopper

Aren’t you one of the most confused shoppers ever! You end up liking everything you pick or try, and take forever to decide what to finally buy. That’s why it’s best to get your friends to accompany you on the shopping expeditions, otherwise the store staff has to end up helping you decide on your buys. But, do go shopping with lots of time on hand, because you’ll take hours to procrastinate over which bag or which shoes to buy before ultimately making the purchase!

The SCORPIO shopper

One of the most sorted kind of shoppers out there, you always know your style and know exactly what you want. You like to keep your shopping trips secret, but enjoy the whole experience in all its entirety. Never one to make a fashion faux pas, you are impeccably standing out in the crowd at all times. But sometimes, you end up overthinking about whatever it is you need to buy, forgetting that some essentials need to be bought just for their functionality.


You are the last-minute, rushed kind of shopper who’s too lazy to go on shopping trips till that last urgent minute when you can’t put it off any longer! You like to be in and out of stores in a flash, which is why holiday or festive season time is not the best shopping time for you. Maybe, you should try your hand at online shopping more, as it means no crowd in the aisles or no lines at the billing counter. Head over to the Lifestyle website as they are having a surprise mid-season sale till the coming weekend!

The CAPRICORN shopper

A serious and practical shopper, you hit the stores only when you can afford to. When you buy something with your hard-earned money, you make sure it’ll last you for quite some time. You like to be updated about deals & offers from beforehand, so that you can stake out what to buy that’ll be your money’s worth. The best way of saving those pennies for better things is to pick essentials – be it basic tees or festive gifts – during sale time.

The AQUARIUS shopper

You are one conscientious shopper who likes to make informed choices about anything & everything they buy. The skincare product you are buying needs to be animal-cruelty-free, the clothes you pick should be made in ethically sustainable environments. Your picks are always unique and you can spot a trending item even before it’s in trend! But beware, the quest for ethically-conscious products can sometimes be heavy on the pocket!

The PISCES shopper

You revel in the glory of sensory experiences that a good shopping trip can be. You are drawn towards stores that have artistic vibes or aesthetic décor. When it comes to shopping, flea markets, local markets and night bazaars are your idea of Wonderland. You are a great bargain-hunter who can land unique & art-y stuff at surprising prices! You have an innate eye for beauty, and that’s why friends love going shopping with you.

Now that you know what kind of a shopper you are, get those shopping shoes on and head out to indulge in some retail therapy! Lifestyle is having a surprise mid-season sale of Flat 30% off, both online and in stores, so make the most of it now!

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