Fashion and trends might be out there for everyone, but what each person picks out of those trends is what style is all about. Every woman has their own favorites & preferences when it comes to flaunting fashion. That means, each of you out there like different kinds of patterns or styles. But did you know that your favorite pattern of the season can say a lot, not only about your style sensibility, but about your personality too?

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In the wild

Animal prints are in and how! And if you are someone who loves flaunting the fashionable leopard spots or tiger stripes, then you are one bold & sassy woman. You are a born leader and often the most dominant one in any group. When you take charge of the Monday morning meeting in a leopard print blouse paired with a smart skirt suit & pumps, people can’t help but listen to you!



If you are a woman who loves to wear stripes of any kind, then you surely have a practical outlook on life. You see things in black & white, and don’t believe in the greys. A smart planner, you like to strategise everything, never mixing business with pleasure. Be it broad nautical stripes for Sunday brunch or formal pinstripes at work, you love your lines as much as you love discipline and intelligence.

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For the love of florals

Most women out there love floral patterns in all their vibrant prettiness. But not all of them have a taste for dark, wintry florals. If you like the moody mysteriousness of dark floral motifs, then you are one passionate romantic at heart. You love mystery thrillers & have an affinity for bad boys. You are feminine, but also a feminist. You love to travel and can totally flaunt a trendy floral dress, in a dark hue like burgundy or navy, with sneakers on a day out exploring new places!


Check mate

Checks are classic patterns that never go out of style. So, lovers of this pattern are women whose style is classic, chic and smart. You are a born trend-setter and your style influences those around you. You might have a streak of androgynous persona, which shows in your strength, leadership qualities and also style sensibilities. Add plaid shirts and checked blazers, gingham tops and tartan pants to your winter wardrobe to make a style statement wherever you go!

There are always certain patterns you like more than others, whether they are in trend or not. So, it’s time to stock up on your favorite patterns. Head over to the Lifestyle Sale and get your hands on clothes & accessories with your favorite prints at upto 50% off!

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