Rakhi is back yet again ready to remind us of the special place our brother/sister holds in our lives, and them reminding us of the gifts we should endow them with, this year. Siblings are an eternal part of our lives and as much as we hated sharing everything with them in our childhood, we just can’t imagine our lives without them! Maybe that’s why this is the most special kind of love-hate relationship ever.


Who’s the better prankster?

Growing up with each other has been a constant power struggle to outplay each other and earn the title of “Last Sibling Standing”. But there have also been rare times too when you joined forces to help each other out from the hot seat in front of parents. To look back and laugh over all the funny incidents, catch up with your brother/sister this Rakhi and gift them something fun & stylish to make the festival more memorable. You can give your sweet sister a trendy handbag, or you can gift your fun-loving brother a suave smartwatch.


Love, unexpressed

They won’t show their love for the other openly but you will know who has saved the last piece of chocolate in the fridge for you or turned off the lights and covered you with a blanket when you fell asleep studying for your exams. Brothers who are unable to express or show off their love for their sisters wont hug you, for starters, but you will always know he has your back. If you are such a brother, show your love for your sister by gifting her something that will bring a smile to her face – like a pretty dress or a perfume she’s been wanting for long. And even if she hasn’t called you in quite some time now, you can be rest assured she’ll be waiting for your visit on Rakhi day!


Sweet and salty

The love/hate relationship that most brother-sisters share is all about fighting with each other, but at the same time standing up for each other when any third person comes into the picture. This bond has its own beauty as you always end up protecting and caring for the other person but most times, you are too embarrassed to admit it. And let’s not get started about how we don’t miss out on any chance to proclaim to the other that we are our parent’s favorite. To celebrate this fun and special bond, this Rakhi, gift your loving sister some of her favorite make-up products or may be a glam pair of heels. This kind of a brother deserves a trendy gift – be it a pair of stylish sports shoes or a smart leather wallet.

There are more shades to a brother-sister relationship than colors on a rainbow and each is more beautiful than the next. And if you are still clueless about what to gift your mischievous brother or your caring sister this Rakhi, then the versatile Gift Card by Lifestyle is the most fool-proof way of making sure they love their gift!

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