A major reason as to why we end up loving some TV-show or movie is the characters! Movies revolving around the emotion of friendship makes them the most relatable of the lot. We love hanging out with our besties and movies are an essential part of it – be it during sleepovers or post-breakup-mind-diversion sessions or sat-night-movie-date-with-friends. So, in honor of this Friendship Day, we are rounding up some of our most favorite movies that have shown us the essence of friendship in the truest form. And don’t forget, Rory and Lane from Gilmore Girls taught us that friends don’t have to change, even when life changes.

Thelma & Louise-friends-friendship day

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Thelma and Louise

These two women are friendship goals as they step into that ’66 Thunderbird and side track boy troubles with carefree bonhomie. All throughout the road trip, they go through emotions like despair, love, anger, sadness and thus learn enough lessons to elevate their friendship to another level. If you and your bestie too experience loyalty and intimacy in your friendship, more than you do in your romantic relationship, well girls, you are the Thelma and Louise of today! This friendship day, give your bestie a beautiful watch that she can always count on and also make her remember your irritating face whenever she sees the time!

Sex-And-The-City-friends-Friendship day

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Sex and the City

Now no list about friendship goals could be complete without Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte mentioned in it. Yes, this movie is a classic for a reason and Carrie’s theory of them being each other’s soul mates couldn’t be put in any other way. Just like the rest of us, even you must feel that your BFF could be a better soul mate. So, raise a toast to your timeless friendship and gift a gorgeous handbag to your bestie this friendship day that will not only be as fashionable as the girls in the movie but also be the soul mate she ever needed in her bag collection!

bridesmaids-friends-Friendship day

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This movie is all about two bridesmaids who eventually start a war while preparing for their best friend’s wedding and shows how women  can fight like cats & dogs when it comes to someone else claiming their BFF’s attention. But it spreads the sweet message of women overcoming their jealousy and hatred for each other to become besties and that’s what we really need in this world. Raise your hand if you have ever gotten jealous of someone else being your girl’s friend and have plotted to kill them in their sleep. So gift your homie a pretty pair of heels this friendship day that she can slay while you both hit the clubs or use it to beat the shit out of a stalker!

sisterhoodofthetravelingpants-friends-Friendship day

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Sisterhood of Travelling Pants

It’s always nostalgic seeing this movie as the young ladies remind us of our school days when friends meant more than anything else in the world. Though this movie revolves around a pair of pants, we all know by now that it was much more than the treasured pants that held their friendship together. If this movie is a favorite amongst your girl gang too, then there can be nothing better than gifting a pair of smart and stylish pants to your BFF this friendship day! It will be like your inside joke whenever she wears it and your sisterhood will be evergreen!

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