Thanksgiving, as most other holidays, has turned into yet another commercialised occasion for shopping, eating and enjoying a long weekend. But, let’s not forget the emotion behind the festival and this year, let us try to take some time out to thank those souls in our lives without whom life couldn’t have been as it is. We may not realize the importance of these people most of the time, but trust me, the least you can do for them is to say Thank You.


Your near & dear ones

You tend to take your family and friends for granted. But do you ever stop to think how much your parents have done for you? Or on how many occasions your best friend has saved your back? This is the season to thank them for all the times they’ve been there for you. Call up your uncle or aunt who has indulged you unselfishly all through your growing years and let them feel you still have time for them. Instead of just liking the Facebook posts of your school buddies, round them up and have an impromptu reunion. Acknowledge your loved ones’ roles in your life and show them that you care.

Every contribution counts

There are always a few people in everyone’s life who might not be counted amongst the closest allies, but have, somehow or the other, made a long-lasting impact. Your teachers are among the first ones who deserve your heartfelt gratitude, even if you are not in touch with them anymore. Be thankful to your first boss for laying the foundation of the confident and hardworking individual that you are at your workplace today. Thank your colleagues for teaching you what teamwork is all about. Be grateful to your gym instructor for keeping you in shape. You might not think much of these

acquaintances, but they all have contributed to make your life better.

A small gesture goes a long way

Not only on this occasion, but you should always have a word of thanks for those individuals who make your life easier, day in & day out. Thank the cab driver when he drops you at your destination safely. Thank the courier guy who delivers your parcels in sun or rain. Thank the liftman who opens the gate for you and closes it behind you. Thank the old uncle who makes you a steaming cup of tea at his roadside stall. And if you really mean it, then, this time, make them smile by handing them a hand-written Thank You card or giving them an extra bit of tip.

Of course, don’t forget to thank God for giving you a hale & hearty life, filled with laughter, joy and love. But even the Almighty will be happier of you express your gratitude to those who really deserve it.




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