Men and sports have always been synonymous. So, it’s little surprise that sports have such a big influence on men’s fashion. Sporty looks and trends have always been a constant inspiration for guys over the years. There was a time when men’s casual shoes majorly meant sneakers and trainers. Today, the evolving style trends have put a new spin on the athletic footwear fashion that guys go gaga over. So, here’s welcoming a new trend in men’s footwear, Athleisure, that’s a perfect marriage of sporty & casual. No wonder this is fast becoming the most popular choice of shoes for the dapper dudes.

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They make the perfect accessories with casual looks

Hanging out with friends? Movie date with your girl? Athleisure is the shoe way to go for making your casual outfits more stylish. Sports luxe sneakers are best paired with denims, tees & casual jackets for a smart & trendy look. From running errands to taking your girlfriend shopping, these shoes are high on both comfort as well as style. Pick a pair in bright colours to turn heads or go for a safe black pair for a more versatile use.

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They can be the most comfortable, yet stylish, travel shoes

Sneakers or canvas shoes have always been the sensible man’s go-to travel footwear. Now, with Athleisure styles entering the fashion scene, travel shoes just got a style upgrade! These shoes, being both comfortable as well as stylish, can spruce up your travel looks while making long journeys or hectic walks more bearable. Pair stylish sporty shoes with a tee & shorts and you are all set for the next impromptu road trip!

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They complement your semi-formal outfits too

When it comes to fashion, the latest rule is all about breaking rules! Mix & match is the name of the game and so, a pair of casual shoes flaunted with semi-formal outfits is not a faux pas, but a style statement. Go all out and wear your Athleisure footwear with smart casual looks such as chinos, checkered shirts and a semi-formal blazer. Shades like tan, brown, camel, navy and materials such as suede are the best choices to add some formal vibes to your sporty shoes.

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They are the best choice when you want to just chill

Add some style to those laidback moments spent chilling with friends by getting yourself a pair of slip-on sporty footwear. These kind of Athleisure shoes are perfect for a day out, a picnic lunch, a cruise or as summer resort wear. You can sport them with cool linen clothes for an easy-breezy day look or even with a light, casual blazer & denims for an evening do.

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It’s time to include a few pairs of cool, Athleisure style in your wardrobe – these versatile shoes are a win-win investment for sure!

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