white handbags

Handbags are one of the most important makers or breakers of a fashionable outfit. If you can opt for easy breezy white summery clothes then why should bags be left out of this color scheme?  This summer we have got together some white handbags that are a jigsaw puzzle fit for your outfits this season. So here’s presenting you few of the styles you can opt for, where your white treasure will make you proud.

 White on white handbag

White on white

Now, even though this combo might sound very bland, you can rock it like a pro. White linen pants + white shirt + white handbag= total eye candy. Since the bag is adding just the right amount of extra whiteness to the outfit, add some colour with your belt and shoes to get that balanced look. In this summer heat, the white on white look will not only make you feel cool and comfortable but also get you one notch higher on the style scale. So keep experimenting and making your own white on white combos!

White on monochrome

Monochrome, as we know, is our very own evergreen favourite so when in doubt, pair your new extravagant white handbag with a monochrome outfit. Monochrome will not only make the bag look its best but also is a constant winner whenever or wherever it is worn. Whether it’s a maxi dress for brunch or a bodycon for the clubs or a cropped top for a girls’ day out, your white handbag will never fail to make heads turn when paired with monochrome hues.

White on pastels handbagWhite with pastels

Pastel shades like mint, baby pink, off white and lavender are perfect for the summer heat to keep you calm and relaxed. Whether it be a blazer or a romper or a skirt, pastel clothes can effortlessly be paired with a white handbag. White does not disrupt the subtleness of the colour scheme and adds to the beauty of it. So on minimal makeup days and for a soft gentle morning look, a pastel outfit with a white handbag is the option to go for.

White for the night

Now, for people who think that white is a day colour are in for a sweet surprise. White handbags can be carried not only when the sun is high in the sky but also when it has taken its leave. Getting ready for a dinner date? Just put on that gorgeous red bodycon, put on those killer heels & carry that classy white handbag, and your date will be swept off his feet. So when your look will require just that right amount of classiness, be it night or day, bank on your white bag to do the job!

White handbag for workWhite for work

Office means white crisp shirts; formal trousers in shades like black, grey, brown; “not to be messed with” blazers or strict pencil skirts. Be it your office bestie’s birthday or an important presentation or any day when you just feel like dressing up a bit, the only saviour you have in hand (literally) is your exquisite white handbag. White works well with all neutral colors, so you don’t have to think twice before pairing your white bag with any work outfit. So the next time you smell something special in the air while getting ready for office, just pick up that white handbag and set out to conquer the world.

These were just a few of the many instances when you can pick up that white darling in your hand. Update your summer wardrobe and make sure you have the quintessential white handbag ready to grab eyeballs. Keep spreading the love for white this summer.




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