While winter can be full of fun and colors when it comes to fashion, there are some of those ‘boring’ yet utilitarian things you need to have in your wardrobe. These go with everything, can tone down your look and will come in handy in this cold weather, no matter what!

#1 The simple plaid or striped scarf!

It’s an essential because no matter the color, stripes or plaid goes well with most solids. So, you can just drape it close with your favorite sweater and you’ll be warm, cozy, yet fashionable!

GINGER Striped Stole

#2 The Black Beanie

You need a hat to protect you from the cold and however simple a black beanie is, it somehow never goes out of style. It’s useful, adorable and pairs well with everything!

#3 Beige Overcoat

Tan, brown or beige are neutral colours that instantly snap your look to a more chic one. So, however boring it may seem, a beige coat is always handy. You can just slip it over your outfit, keep it open if it perfectly goes with your ensemble, or button it up if there’s a clash in your look – at least you’ll be fashionably protected from the winter winds.

CODE Notched Lapel Open-Front Long Jacket

#4 Pearls!

Winter is the perfect weather to bring out your sophisticated classics. Yes, pearls are few of the only good options for jewelry as they are simple, small and still noticeable. They go well with sweaters and jackets, beanies and hats and heels as well as boots!

GINGER Beaded Necklace

#5 Black leggings or jeggings

Yes, you are used to jeans year long, but trust me, the winter weather will make you crave for something warmer and comfier. Buy a neutral shade (our pick is black) woolen or thick jeggings for the cold days that would go with everything.

ALLEN SOLLY Solid Knitted Treggings

Winter’s around the corner, start your season with getting your essentials sorted. We all know we’ll soon binge on colorful sweaters, fancy jackets and winter footwear through the season anyway!

Happy winter shopping!

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