We look at three women who are talented, individualistic and courageous enough to traverse unbeaten career paths and carve a niche for themselves in their professions.

Shilo Shiv Suleman


Who she is – A visual artist, an illustrator, an activist and a crusader, Shilo Shiv Suleman dons several hats. An ambassador for TED, Shilo’s primary focus is on visual storytelling through varied platforms. She illustrated her first children’s book the age of 16 and has gone on to work with several leading publishing houses in India. She has also taken up several social causes and been actively involved in setting up community art projects and collectives in order to create an audience for street art. Armed with an INK fellowship, Shilo travels the world engaging in community projects.
Why we love her – The mastermind behind the Fearless Campaign and founder of The Fearless Collective, Shilo uses art and design to speak about gender violence. In the wake of the 2012 Delhi rape case, Shilo decided it was time shake off the fear that women in India live with and start a campaign that would coax the people of the country to create a safer India for women. What started with a poster-making initiative soon became a large-scale movement with participants from all walks of life, propelled by art. Join her initiative here: https://www.facebook.com/thefearlesscollective

Arpita Ganesh

Who she is – Founder of Buttercups, Arpita Ganesh is every woman’s best friend and privy to her innermost secrets, along with being India’s leading authority on bra fitting. After a 10-year stint in advertising, Arpita found her calling at a bra fitting session in New York. After much in-depth research on the lingerie market in India, discussion with leading lingerie brands and training in Paris, she went on to create Buttercups – an innovative lingerie boutique. Today, Arpita consults with several lingerie brands and spreads the message of ‘well fitting bras’ across the country to change the lives on thousands of women.
Why we love her – In country where lingerie is spoken about in hushed tones and relegated to dark corners of drawers, Arpita aims to break the taboo associated with innerwear. By educating women about the various aspects of bras and their fitting, she has taken it upon herself to create a fabulous lingerie experience for all women.

Sharmila Nicollet

13_thumb_sharmila - puma shoot 1

Who she is – Sharmila Nicollet is India’s leading golfer and a role model for young, aspiring sportswomen across the country. Introduced to golf at a young age, what started out as just a ‘fun game’ became a passion and soon turned into a career. The youngest to win All India Ladies Amateur Championship in 2007-08 and youngest Indian golfer to qualify for Ladies European Tour, Sharmila is lauded style of play and aptitude by golfing authorities world over.
Why we love her – Being a sportswoman is tough not only in India, but across the world. Sharmila, through sheer hard work, grit and oodles of talent has silenced any detractors and established herself in the professional golfing sphere. She also endeavor’s to bridge the gap between men’s and women’s golf and bring recognition for women playing different sports in the country.

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