Still working from home? Add some zing to your work-time – look amazing! The key is to strike that balance between comfort and style to ace those Zoom meetings. Don’t forget to ‘dress for work’ even if you don’t have a Zoom call – guaranteed to up your productivity. Read on to know the five must-have outfits to slay your workday – wherever that be.

1. Dress it up

A simple A-line dress is not only uber-comfy but instantly ups your look and calls out ‘office chic’. Choose to make a statement with stylish sleeves – which is what’s visible on screen. Small drop earrings complete the picture.

2. Trousers for taste

Two words: paperbag trousers! Yaas, ace the trend. What else feels good and looks even better? Pair it with a tank top, crew neck tee or a button-down shirt for an elegant statement.

3. Say it with shorts

Yes, you can – especially if working from home. Elevate any pair of shorts by throwing a knitted duster or shrug over it – the ultimate comfort combo.

4. Casual chic

The key to layering is our all-time fave: blazers! Nothing says ready to get down to work as does a smart blazer in breathable fabrics.

5. Keep things simple

And last but not the least, for your casual Friday dress code: straight leg jeans paired with a cute top or light jacket to seamlessly complete your WFH outfit.

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