This special day, pledge to brush up on your yoga and fitness moves (and ace your athleisure look too!) Here are the top trends to stride into and keep pace with your fitness up do…

What is World Yoga Day?

In recent times, the fact that the world needs to up its holistic fitness goals has been acknowledged across various forums. In 1914 the United Nations General Assembly took note and denoted June 21, the longest day in the northern hemisphere, as the International Day of Yoga.

On World Yoga Day, make a good start or refresh your fitness routine by planning your work-out wardrobe. (Great incentive to get you moving!) Remember that when you set out to brush up your fitness routine you need to keep comfort as the central focus. You need to be comfortable – yes. But sloppy or shabby – no!

Athleisure for Women

– It’s critical that you look to your safety first. A sports bra is a must. The padded sports bra with matching lowers from Kappa is the perfect pick for that Yoga Day wear when tuning in with a friend for a guided yoga session together.

– Just because you’re out roughing it out in the gym or training hard, doesn’t mean you need to skip the feminine colours – check out the joggers (yoga wear fashion – at its best!) and shorts, in a soft comfortable fabric and cut – also from Kappa. The stylish elasticated colour-block leggings from Kappa too are a case in point here.

1.KAPPA Women Printed Padded Sports Bra

2.KAPPA Women Printed Joggers

3.KAPPA Women Printed Round Neck T-shirt

4.KAPPA Women Panelled Drawstring Waist Training Shorts

Athleisure for Men

– Joggers and track pants are good but if you tend to feel the heat too much, you may want to opt for shorts. A drawstring waist and multiple pockets work well in the Kappa shorts – easy wear at its best. Pair with some cool cotton T-shirts from the same brand and you’re good for the stint of warm up yoga before hitting the gym.

– Remember power yoga is a challenging fitness routine too, so keep comfort – fit and material – in mind when you figure out outfits. (If you are new to this form of yoga, the World Yoga Day is a good day to check it out.)

1.KAPPA Men Textured Elasticated Shorts

2.KAPPA Camouflage Print Regular Fit Crew Neck T-shirt

3.KAPPA Men Printed Regular Fit Sports Shorts

4.KAPPA Men Solid Regular Fit Crew Neck T-shirt

Athleisure for Boys

– It would be great to get your little boy started on yoga – and what better time than the World Yoga Day to introduce him to these most beneficial holistic exercises. Yoga is good for mind, body and soul and could sharpen concentration and focus as well. Get him a new wardrobe to encourage him to make a good start. Fun T-shirts, track pants and shorts from the Fame Active athleisure range for boys is a good place to let him pick his choices.

1.FAME ACTIVE Boys Camouflage Print Crew Neck T-shirt

2.FAME ACTIVE Boys Printed Elasticated Track Pants

3.FAME ACTIVE Boys Colourblocked Crew Neck T-shirt

4.FAME ACTIVE Boys Solid Elasticated Woven Shorts

Athleisure for Girls

– Show her how she can match her fitness and fashion goals with a delightful sleeveless top and drawstring shorts set in a snazzy mauve print.
– Encourage her to keep at it with some fun slogan T-shirts. Check out one from Fame Active. It says it simply: Don’t Give Up. (The best encouragement? Join her on the mat.)
– Teach her how yoga is all about holistic wellness, and how it helps her tone up – not just drop calories. (And it also helps to boost concentration as well, so it may help to tackle those sums too!)

1.FAME ACTIVE Girls Printed Round Neck T-shirt

2.FAME ACTIVE Girls Colourblock Elasticated Leggings

3.FAME ACTIVE Girls Printed Sleeveless Round Neck Top

4.FAME ACTIVE Girls Printed Drawstring Waist Shorts

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