Women are taking the world by storm – shining bright in all sectors of life, and choosing careers which are off-beat and interesting, working slowly towards a gender equality goal. It’s extremely important that these women do so in style, as they continue to make their mark in this world in the most unconventional ways ever. Here are some style tips on how to rock the coolest western-wear trends this year, even when you have the most off-beat jobs! With your undaunted spirits, you can make anything possible, all while looking your very best!

Wedding Photographer 

More aptly described as a magician, a wedding photographer can do wonders, making your marriage photos look like something straight out of a fairy tale. Catching the emotions and celebrations in frozen frames isn’t such an easy task but it’s made possible by none other than these talented women. While you are working in picturesque weddings among dressed-up invitees all around, you should at least look your part right? So, this wedding season, along with flaunting your working companion (camera, duh!), why not go for an embellished dress and sneakers for a cool girl vibe? You can even pair a white shirt tucked into a satin pleated midi skirt, a statement necklace and embellished flats for a fun night of work at a happening wedding!

Café Owner

Owning a café and taking it up the ladder of success isn’t really a piece of cake, but the women we are talking about are capable of such things pretty well. So, yeah entrepreneurship is as difficult as the word itself would sound to a kid, but today’s ambitious women work hard to bring in new concepts to make their café’s stand out in the crowd. If you are one such amazing owner of one such amazing café, we believe you should do it in style! Go for a trendy blouse tucked-in a smart pair of culottes, and accessorize with a layered neckpiece and bellies. You can even flaunt a summery off-shoulder dress and pair it with comfortable block heels and tassel earrings for a stylish day at work.


Now, though boys hate to admit it, girls can make you dance to their music (literally), and undeniably you have the best time of your lives doing that. With our super-talented ladies going for off-beat career options, they are making it big in the DJ industry. Make the parties come alive with your charm and mixes in a patent leather skirt, a trendy crop top, big hoop earrings and boots on one of your big nights. You can even go for a sheer dress with a corset belt over a solid-colored bodycon and clear heels for that ultra-glam look for the most happening parties in town!

Stand-Up Comedian

Having a funny sense of humour is as uncommon as the presence of common sense in people nowadays, and using it to entertain people is nothing less than a super power. Women are increasingly achieving fame due to their unbeatable sense of humour, super fun stand-up comedy making people want to go ROFL literally. This season, go rock your shows in trendy prints – either choose printed maxi dresses or sport complementing prints such as a floral crop top and striped pants for a print-mixing look. You can even go the sassy athleisure way by donning a bomber jacket, comfy denim joggers, white sneakers and a baseball cap. With your kind of sense of humour and that million dollar smile, you will be making a mark with every pun.

With such amazing professions to call your own, you need to work quite hard and that too in style. We are trying to do our bit in this journey of women empowerment by helping you update your wardrobe with these trending western-wear styles this season, so that you can go all out with your confidence, talent and sense of fashion!


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