International yoga day '19

Yoga enthusiasts all over the world are celebrating International Yoga Day on the 21st June – have you hopped on the wagon yet? We are pretty sure you must have at least one friend or relative in your life who swears by the benefits yoga brings into one’s life. These benefits could be of mental, spiritual as well as physical and adopting this lifestyle can definitely be the healthy change you have been wanting to make. And what better time is it to take your first step into this world, than on International Yoga Day itself!

Peace of Mind

When, it comes to matters of the mind, yoga ‘asanas’ are pretty effective in calming your mind. You could even use it to disengage from disturbing thoughts. Physical activity, like yoga is especially true for relieving you of stress. All your troubles, both big and small, seem to melt away while you spend your time on that mat. Yoga will help you feel much less stressed and much calmer than when you started.

Health is Wealth  

Now, mental happiness isn’t the only thing that yoga brings into your life. Along with keeping your mind stable, it also helps to combat many physical pains and diseases. We all think it’s much better to spend your daily mornings invested in yoga sessions than taking a handful of pills to get rid of all the body pain. Yoga and its various postures or ‘asanas’ helps you to be much more flexible, build muscle strength, improves balance, gets rid of back/joint pains, and much more.

Up your game with trendy yoga-wear

With cool active-wear available for your style statement, you have yet another good reason to start on your yoga journey! Update your wardrobe with the best of yoga wear, and by that we mean loads of yoga shorts, tank tops, tights, and more. You could take your pick from the trendy collection by Kappa at Lifestyle that’s especially meant for all your active wear needs.

It’s time to indulge in a whole new journey of health & fitness. Just get yourself enrolled in yoga classes, shop your hearts out for stylish active-wear from Lifestyle, and see how your life turns from drab to fab in days! Happy International Yoga Day!

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