We spent a lot of time studying some of the hottest celeb Instagrammers to bring you five unusual tips to get the realest selfie smiles, even when you’re not feeling it. Don’t sweat your mascara off yet, they’re super easy and we’ve tried them all too!

Unusual Tip #One: The Slot Machine Smile

Miley Cyrus’ does it, Kesha does it, but no one’s done it sweeter than Selena Gomez on Instagram. Here’s how you do it: You know how slot machines have little horizontal or vertical slots to insert the coins into? Well, look at yourself in the mirror, think of your lips as the slot, and now part them just a little. Viola!


Unusual Tip #Two: The Hershey’s Pucker

The pout might not be for everyone, but the puckered lip sure can be! We call this one, the Hershey’s Pucker (think Hershey’s kisses). Hold a pen between your lips, now take it out, but keep your lips in position. You can raise an eyebrow for an added sassy edge to your selfie if you like! We haven’t seen anyone do this as well as Khloé Kardashian can. Pay attention, children.

Khloe Kardashian Selfie

Unusual Tip #Three: The Naughty Scrooge

Remember Uncle Scrooge, the stingy duck with a room full of gold? Well he doesn’t qualify for your quintessential diva, but if you want to get your glam on, you’ve got to try our newly christened- Naughty Scrooge. This one’s fun! Turn at a sixty degree angle from your camera, look at the lens like it’s done something really silly just now, purse your lips out a little in a slight twist to the left, and wink at the camera! Trust us, this is a sure winner.
And if that was hard to imagine, check Sana Saeed out, killing it with the Naughty Scrooge, heck, she probably even invented it!


Unusual Tip #Four: The Candice Cameo

Take one look at the image, and you’ll know why we called this one the Candice Cameo! Candice Swanepoel can kill you with those eyes and a smile that takes you everywhere without even curving a little.

When we could get ourselves to stop from drooling at this golden selfie, we tried to break it down for you. So here’s how you could attempt the Candice Cameo- look at your phone’s lens like you know it wants you, ask it with your eyes, how it could possibly think it could ever have you, and when you start believing it yourself, you’ll find that you’re smiling so faint and perfect, that it’s almost a sin to look that delicious for a selfie!


Unusual Tip #Five: The Vanity Tip

If selfies are an important affair for you, then keeping that face loved and those teeth cared for can go a long way! From the toothy grin, to the Slot Machine, your teeth can really come into focus in a selfie, so floss, brush, rise, it’s going to be worth it!

Oh, and keeping your lips fresh, never hurt a girl looking to kill it on Instagram!

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