Not sure if hipster panties are the right ones for you? This popular panty shape is considered the ultimate in comfort and style and here’s why you should own a pair!

What are hipster panties?

Hipster panties are a blend between two other panty styles – bikini panties and boy shorts. A more comfortable and figure-flattering shape, they have waistbands that sit below the navel and give the optimum coverage for a better silhouette.

Why wear them?

The main reason hipster panties have become so popular with women is that they come in a variety of styles that are perfect for different types of clothing. Their coverage is just right for body-hugging clothing. They can also be used for everyday use as they are comfortable with wider leg holes that don’t ride up the body.

Types to choose from

Triumph has a wide range of hipster panties made from material like polyester, cotton and lycra. Hipster briefs or elasticated hipster panties are great for everyday wear while the seamless hipster panties are best for fitting dresses or skirts. Choose from a range of styles that complements your body and outfit.

Seamless Hipster Panties
Elasticated Hipster Panties
Knitted Hipster Panties
Hipster Briefs
Hipster Briefs


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