With Diwali around the corner, everyone’s buckling under the pressure of not only having to sort out their festive wardrobe, clean out their home and send & receive party invites, but also having to choose the right gifts for their near & dear ones. You must take care not to miss out on anyone while picking gifts and sometimes, you just don’t know what to choose for some people. Here’s a guide that might be the solution to all your gifting woes, as we tell you what kinds of gifts are sure to put a smile on your loved ones’ faces!

gadgets Diwali gift

For the other half

Over all these years, you have given all sorts of gifts to your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend and you have run out of gifting ideas for him or her. But you don’t want to repeat and want to surprise them with something new this year. Well, ditch the quintessential jewellery or sarees for your special woman and put a smile on her lips with a beauty hamper made up of her favourite make-up products or gift her the latest iPhone maybe? Women can make their man happy by picking a cool gadget – like a VR box or a fitbit – or even a surprise holiday package, accompanied with a stylish jacket if you plan to head somewhere cold!

mens watch Diwali gift

For elders

Confused about what to gift your parents? Or your doting uncles & aunts? Or maybe even your grandma or grandpa? Well, elders always like simple gifts that are useful, worthwhile & are for keeps. For any older woman, it’s best to choose precious or semi-precious jewellery (depending on your budget), a traditional saree or maybe elegant décor item like brass figurines or puja thali sets. Older men, on the other hand, can be gifted a classic watch, a collector’s edition of his favourite author’s works, or maybe even a wood-carved cane if he uses one!

bags & perfume Diwali gifts

For friends

Of course, you know each of your friends inside out and hence know their likes & dislikes. So, you can opt for a chic bag for the fashionable friend, a Kindle e-reader for the bookworm friend, a fancy kitchen appliance for the local masterchef friend, a nice perfume for the classy friend or a box of yummy macarons for the foodie friend. Make sure your friends don’t already have whatever you are choosing for them, and you are sorted! Pick gifts that are unique, yet which will be loved by the receiver and remembered fondly for years to come!

kids clothes Diwali gifts

For kids

Kids nowadays spend more time with their parents’ phones than they do with toys. So, toys & dolls, which were easy gifting options earlier, are a confusing choice now. It’s better to go for learning gadgets, fashionable clothes or classic story books that might hold their interest. You can even pick a sporty watch for a young boy or pretty accessories for a girl. And if you still can’t make up your mind, a box of imported chocolates is always sure to make them happy!

stationery Diwali gifts

For colleagues

You work together all year long, so a thoughtful gift on Diwali is sure to make your colleagues happy and strengthen the bond. For your work buddies, you can choose not-so-informal gifts such as a fine pen, a smart wallet, a personalized photo-frame or a customized box of assorted dry fruits depending on their tastes & preferences. It’s better to give the same gift to everyone, as there might be doubts of discrimination otherwise. You can even choose certain gift items for certain segments of colleagues, as per hierarchy.


For the less-fortunate

And of course, amongst all the festive hullabaloo and celebratory mood, let’s not forget those who are not so fortunate like us to be sending or receiving gifts this season. Diwali is a great time to do your bit for the underprivileged and put a smile on their faces. You can either donate money to NGOs, oldage homes or orphanages, or you can distribute gifts or sweets at these places or even at local slums, for that matter. If you want to choose gifts, then you can pick toys for the poor kids, clothes or sandals for those at a women’s shelter, and walking sticks or books for inmates of an oldage home. Trust us, even the littlest of your efforts will light up their lives!

So, stop procrastinating, and go get those gifts for your loved ones! If you are still not convinced or don’t know them well enough to pick gifts for them, then you can think smart, pick a Lifestyle Gift Voucher and give them the gift of choice, so that they can use it to get whatever they want this Diwali!






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