What you wear underneath does matter and your lingerie makes you go a long way in feeling attractive and confident. Baffled by the numerous choices out there? Not sure of where to start your lingerie shopping? We guide you through the A – Z of the world of lingerie to help you find that perfect fit both physically and stylistically.

How to buy lingerie: Guide to shop your sexy intimates!

1. Know your body type

As every woman’s body is different, the best way to start is by knowing and understanding what style looks good on you. If you are on the smaller side and would like to accentuate your curves, go for a triangle shape with an underwire or a padded push-up bra. If you would like to flatten your bust, non-padded bras are your best bet. For those who are pear-shaped and would like that coveted hourglass shape, a corset or a bustier would help to accentuate your bust.

2. Get fitted

Along with knowing your body type you need to know your exact size as well. The ideal way to figure out your dimensions is by getting professionally fitted. The correct measurements make your life much easier than trying out scores of lingerie only to feel defeated by the fitting after.

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3. The colour and material

We all have our favourite when it comes to colours and material. While black is a universal favourite and suits every skin colour, there are a host of other colours out there like red, pink, green blue in pop and pastel variants. The materials range from cotton to satin and lace and stocking up on different ones for different occasions is a good idea. While a cotton t-shirt bra with pair of cotton panties is recommended for everyday wear, you can experiment on a night out with a sexy lace pair.

4. Figure out your requirement

Knowing why you are going lingerie shopping and what kind you require is half the battle won. If it is for everyday use you can stock up on the basics. If you are looking for lingerie for a particular outfit we would recommend that you take the outfit along with you so that you know exactly how the lingerie looks underneath.

5. Your Price Range

Before you step out, it is best to know how much you would want t spend on your lingerie.  While we suggest that you don’t skimp too much when it comes to lingerie and stick to brands that are known, you can always splurge on that gorgeous set that you have been eyeing every once in a while.

Now, go out and enjoy picking up some fine lingerie that would not only make you look good, but feel good too!

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