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The Indigo trend has shown its undeniable contribution all over fashion town, elevating looks for men, women and kids alike. The color itself is so versatile that it can suit anyone and everyone, making it a global favorite when it comes to trends. Indigo, both in prints and solids as well as in the staple denims, make for a very stylish choice be it any occasion, look or style. When it can do such wonders for the moms and dads, why should kids be left behind? So, this indigo season, dress up your kids in this wise, addictive and intuitive color and see how this evergreen trend can make all the difference to your little one’s wardrobe!

Birthday party ‘blues’

Well, these blues are nothing like our Monday blues because these are meant to make your kid stand out as a stylish and smart guest in any birthday party they attend. Whether it’s their own party or their friends, choosing indigo/denim will definitely be the trendy choice this season. Boys can wear denim pants with a white polka shirt tucked in. For all the smartness, add a pair of suspenders or even a small bow tie to go with it. Girls can also carry off this color gracefully by choosing a pretty indigo skater skirt and pairing it with a satin blouse, stockings and ballerinas.

True blue holiday vibes

Indigo is a color that’s located between the hues blue and violet on the RGB color wheel making it a very rich, deep and a cool-toned shade of blue. Holidays are one of the most ideal occasions to dress your kids in their bestest and click zillions of photos of them, which makes indigo clothes a must have in the suitcases. Vacation outfits can involve indigo linen shorts and tropical shirts for the guys while girls can dress up in cute denim pinafore dresses and sandals. You can also dress your princess in knotted shirts worn over denim dresses, stockings and boots. Your munchkin can flaunt striped tees in indigo hues with denims & sneakers for a long day of sightseeing too!

Lessons in indigo

As classes and lessons for various co-curricular activities are a major part of a kid’s daily routine, clothes have a certain role to play in these as well. Whether its piano lessons, dance classes, singing sessions or painting classes, your kids can dress well to impress and look on point while they are on the road to success. Boys can go for basic polo shirts in various shades of blue or in cute patterns and pair them up with denim pants and trainers. Girls will look pretty in denim skirts and colorful tops or denim pants paired with embroidered cotton peasant tops.

Painting the picnics blue

Picnics or day outs in general call for colors that are bright, versatile and look good in pictures. And indigo ticks all the right boxes! A day filled with games, activities and enjoyment calls for clothes that are smart and comfy. You can style your boy in denim joggers and round neck t-shirts paired with cool sneakers or maybe choose tailored shorts, indigo checked shirts layered with graphic tees and slippers for the park. Girls can go for sporty casual with denim dungarees, sneakers and a high ponytail or choose something more feminine and chic like high-waist denim pants and knotted plaid shirts for a carefree day in the park!

So, update your kid’s wardrobes with the ‘it’ color of the season and behold the compliments that come both your and their ways. Also, with indigo being a hot trend in women’s & men’s fashion too, you can flaunt off your ‘twinning’ looks with the kids anytime & anywhere!


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