Summer is on us and the blazing ball of heat in the sky is scorching us blind whenever we step out in the open. Along with pretty summer dresses, chic sunglasses and comfy linen shorts; this season also calls for all kinds of indispensible things that can keep you cool. Here are a few pointers on what you can do this season in order to protect yourself from the sun & its heat.

orange juice summer drink

Stay hydrated
In this weather, your body needs liquids. And lots of it. Start you day with drinking a glass of water and keep repeating whenever you get the chance. Always have bottles of chilled water infused with citrusy fruits and herbs in the refrigerator as they can prove to be lifesavers. Drink fresh fruit juices and lots of fruits as they are a healthy way of keeping cool. The scorching heat might tire you out at times and make you feel wiped out, rejuvenate your energy levels by having cold glucose water or fresh lime juice.

Slather on the sunscreen
There’s nothing better than sunscreen to block the sun when you are out! Choose a lotion with high SPF value, that suits your skin type and gives you coverage against all sorts of UV rays. Applying sunscreen once in the morning might not help you fight the sun throughout the day, so remember to carry a travel-sized pack in your bag and re-apply after a few hours to save yourself from getting tanned. Just add on a pair of shades to save your eyes from the glare and you are sorted!

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Act according to effect
Different places have different kinds of summers, depending on their climates. Some places might have a dry summer, while some have high humidity levels along with the heat. If you are in a dry area, remember to cover up any exposed part of skin when under the sun in order to save your skin from damage & dryness. Drink loads of fluids as dry summer heat can be quite harsh. In areas of high humidity, don’t block your sweat and let it out as it’ll help you give off the body heat. Carry wet tissues always as they will wipe off the sweat and make you feel refreshed.

Have sweet (and cool) dreams
One of the most easy & popular hacks for combatting summer heat is to keep your bed sheets & pillow covers sealed in a ziplock inside the fridge for a few hours. Just before making your bed, take them out and put them up, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from jumping into your cool bed! That will be a good night’s sleep, guaranteed!

Follow these sure-fire ways of keeping your cool this summer and you may enjoy the lovely activities this season has to offer! So, get your summer swag on and cool off, like a boss!



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